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Let It Snow!

This time of year provides unique opportunities to observe Snowy Owls. And a drive along the emptiness of country roads may be rewarded with multiple sightings. These large owls perch on fence posts and telephone poles for prolonged periods of time as they scan the horizon for prey. Snowy Owls are superbly adapted to their environment. Their rounded shape, the thick feathers and down that cover their toes, the absence of ear tufts, and the small feathers that surround their eyes are some of the adaptations that allow them to tolerate intense cold and wind. Although wary of humans, they can be surprisingly tolerant in certain situations. The bird photographed below arrived as I was photographing Snow Buntings. It had been observing me for some time before I noticed it. As a result, the bird was comfortable with my presence as I took a series of memorable images.

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